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We offer year round boarding services for mares and foals, as well as those mares which are here only during the breeding season. To produce superior quality athletes, our experienced team, follows a meticulous program. From breeding a mare, to the moment a foal is born, to the weanling process and beyond, our emphasis is on personalized care and attention. Our philosophy is to achieve our clients' goals either to produce a successful sale result or to produce a champion show horse


Clean Facilities

Strict protocols in biosecurity keep horses healthy. Our knowledge in internal medicine and our access to quick acurate diagnostics prevent your horse from getting exposed to disease.

Veterinary & Podiatry


We are in close proximity to major vet hospitals in addition to our regular attending team of veterinarians. We aim to prevent emergencies but in the case when one does come up we are fully prepared.


Horses are under constant supervision by farriers to ensure proper developement. Getting their first trims at just a week old.




Perhaps the most important factors of proper development. Our forages are home grown in Oregon to ensure we are feeding the highest quality to our horses.


Working with nutritionists we make sure we are feeding a balanced diet and fullfilling the needs of each individual no matter what stage of life they are in.


Daily Care

Routine grooming and exercise is important for each horse, both developmentally and mentally. Increasing bone density through turnout at a young age or handling the special needs of an older horse through hand walking or more confined turnout.

Clean Facilities
Main Barn
Meticulious Attention to Nutrition
We like them clean!
Goals In Mind
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